506 Camshaft Assembly (Read the description)


This is a new CNC machined billet camshaft core with a new steel adjustable gear. The cam has been precision ground with more lift and duration. The 506 grind is a good governor grind for engines running up to 4500rpm. With peak TQ from 3000-3500 rpm range makes this a good cam for governed tractor pullers, golf cart repowers and mud boat engines. This cam works well with the stock jetting. Customers can expect to see a 3-4hp and 5 ft/lb of torque gain over an out of the box engine.

The camshaft assembly includes the following.

Billet Steel CNC machined gear with hardware $79.95

New CNC machined billet camshaft core $149.95

Grind service, Includes grinding camshaft, hard face overlay lobes, regrind lobes, lobe polish, camshaft ends ground to size, debur and put in an engine and precision degreed in with computer equipment. $300

PLEASE NOTE: These camshafts are not in stock. All cams are ground to order as they are sold. So what that means is when you place and order we create a work order and it goes out to the shop to be ground. How long that takes all depends on the current shop work load. It might take a week, it might take 2 weeks it might take 6 weeks, we don’t know. DO NOT email/message and pester us about your camshaft order! If you do your order will be canceled, you will be given a refund and you cam will be sold to the next order in line.  The website automatically sends a shipping tracking number when an order is shipped. So when you receive that you will know your order is finished and on the way.  If your camshaft order includes a bunch of other parts we will NOT ship the parts on the order and backorder the camshaft. The order will ship complete when the camshaft is finished.

MORE NOTES: It is the engine builder’s responsibility to properly install the camshaft. This includes clearance if needed, checking spring pressure, checking coil bind, using the correct oil, checking camshaft endplay and all other engine building procedures.