Flywheel Side 40 Amp Alternator Kit


40 amp one wire alternator kit. This kit is for mounting on the flywheel side of the engine. Kit is available 3 ways, it can come with everything to add an alternator to your engine, we have it with just the brackets and hardware only if you want to use your own alternator or if you already have one of flywheel PTO shaft kits you will not need the hub. The drive pulley will mount between your current hub and the PTO shaft. Please select the kit needed from the drop down menu.

Please note: This kit does not include instructions. Look at the pictures and you can see how it all bolts together. If you are using our alternator this is a one wire deal. Hook the big post up to the starter cable and that’s it.

Please see YouTube link on how to install alternator.     https://youtu.be/4y4JMbVfCn0