Low Profile Air Filter Kit (pt num 6060)


This low profile air filter kit was developed for applications where a high flow filter was needed but height was a problem. Mainly in golf carts where the seat would hit our other style vertical filter. Kit comes with a 3D CNC machined billet filter adapter, air filter, oil and gasket. This kit uses the OEM hardware that holds the plastic 90 deg elbow on.

NOTE: This kit will only work on NON governed engines. The OEM governor controls and brackets must be removed and the user will need to operate the choke and throttle directly from the carburetor.

Installation is easy. Remove all the governor parts and oem air cleaner parts and bolt on the billet adapter and install the filter. The new filter will need filter oil sprayed on it prior to use. This kit DOES NOT use the factory crank case breather hose. User will need to route that to a catch can.