Pred505 Billet Camshaft


This is a new CNC machined billet camshaft core with a new steel adjustable gear. The cam has been precision ground with more lift and more duration. The 505 grind is a good governor grind for engines running up to 4500rpm. With peak TQ from 3000-3500 rpm range makes this a good cam for governed tractor pulling engines. This cam is a split duration cam with an extremely fast ramp rate and a long duration plateau at max lift. It is recommended to use our heavier springs. This cam is good for engines running at max load for short periods of time.


This cam comes degreed in ready to install. No grinding or modifications are required to install this cam. Cam comes with a cam sheet with recommended valve lash settings.

Lift .235

Duration 232 Intake 228 Exh @.050 lift

Lobe separation 102